Portuguese Marano family of Lisbon, which owned a printing establishment there in 1647.

Duarte Lopez Rosa:

Physician; born at Beja. Duarte was condemned by the Inquisition at Lisbon (Oct. 10, 1723) as an adherent of Judaism.

Moses Duarte Lopez Rosa:

Physician and poet of the seventeenth century; born at Beja, stayed for a time at Rome, and then settled in Amsterdam, where in 1680 he openly professed Judaism, taking the name of Moses. He was a member of the Akademia de los Floridos at Amsterdam. Especially attached to the Portuguese royal couple, he addressed sonnets and a longer poem to the royal bride elect, a princess of Neuburg, and to the bridesman, D. Manuel Telles da Silva; and some years later he wrote a pæan on the birth of an infante.

Lopez Conspiring to Poison Queen Elizabeth.(From Carleton's "Thankful Remembrances," 1624.)

The published works of Lopez Rosa include: "Alientos de la Verdad en los Clarines de la Fama," etc., Amsterdam, 1688; "Soneto Dedicado a la . . . Princeza de Neuburgo D. Maria Sofia, Agora Rainha de Portugal, em Sua Felice União com el Rey D. Pedro II." n.d., n.p.; "Soneto ao exc. Senhor Principe Senescal de Ligue," n.d., n.p.; "Panegyrico Sobre la Restauracion de Inglaterra en la Coronacion de las Magestades de Guillelmo III. y Sera; Maria por Reyes de la Gran Bretaña," ib. 1690; "Elogios ao Felice Nacimiento do Infante de Portugal, Filho de D. Pedro II. e de D. Maria Sofia," ib. 1691. The following remained unprinted: "Luzes de la Idea y Academicos Discursos Que Se Proposieron en la Ilustre Academia de Amsterdam en el Año de 1683, Intit. Los Floridos de la Almendra, con Otros Flores del Ingenio"; and "Novellas Espanholes."

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Ruy (Ezekiel) Lopez Rosa:

Astrologer; born in Portugal; lived at Amsterdam in the seventeenth century. He gave an exposition of the "seven weeks" of Daniel ix. 25.

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Simon Lopez Rosa (called also Abraham Farrar):

Physician, and director of the oldest Spanish-Portuguese congregation (Bet Ya'aḳob) in Amsterdam; died Dec. 14, 1618 (his wife died nine days later). He was not an orthodox Jew. He spoke slightingly of the Haggadah and the Cabala, and converted many members of the community to his liberal views. A precursor of Uriel Acosta, Lopez Rosa opposed the rulings of the Rabbis, thus occasioning a quarrel in the congregation, which led to the founding in 1618 of a new congregation (Bet Yisrael). R. Joel Sirkes of Brest-Litovsk, to whom the rabbis of Amsterdam carried the case, advised them to excommunicate Lopez Rosa.

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