American educator; born at Kemel, Hesse-Nassau, May 16, 1835. Educated at the teachers' seminary at Ems, Nassau, he became teacher in the Jewish schools of Schierstein (1853) and Hegenheim (1858). In 1861 he entered the University of Paris (Bachelier ès Lettres, 1863), becoming professor of German in 1864. In 1865 he went to America and lived successively in Baltimore (to 1867), New York (to 1873), St. Louis (to 1876), and Rochester, N. Y. (where he became teacher at the Jewish school). In 1884 he was appointed professor of exegesis and Aramaic, and librarian, at Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mannheimer has published: "Die Wahrheit über den Talmud" (Basel, 1858; translated from the French of T. Klein); "Hebrew Reader and Grammar" (New York, 1873; 4th ed., Cincinnati, 1903); "Anti-Semitism" (Cincinnati, 1897; translated from the French of Leroy-Beaulieu); "Iggeret Musar," an English translation of Solomon Alami's "Iggeret Musar" (ib. 1898).

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