MARAH (lit. "bitter"):

The name of a station or halting-place of the Israelites in the wilderness (Ex. xv. 23; Num. xxxiii. 8), so called in reference to the water of the well found there. It was reached by the Israelites three days after crossing the Red Sea and after they had passed the valley of Shur and the wilderness of Athan. The well is variously identified with 'Ayun Musa, 'Ain Naba, or Al-Gharḳadah (comp. Holzinger, "Exodus," p. 55; Dillman, "Exodus," p. 177). The Talmud says that at Marah three laws were added to the seven commands already given to Noah—those regarding the institution of tribunals, Sabbath observance, and obedience to parents (Suk. 56b; Levy, "Neuhebr. Wörterb." iii. 244b).

J. E. I. N.
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