Hungarian historian; born at Marczali April 3, 1856; educated at Raab, Papa, Budapest, Berlin, and Paris. In 1878 he became professor at the gymnasium of his native town. He became a member of the Hungarian Academy in 1893, and two years later he was appointed professor of Hungarian history at the University of Budapest. In addition to numerous contributions to specialist journals, he has written the following books: "A Földrajzi Viszonyok Befolyása Magyarország Történetére" (Budapest, 1874); "A Magyar Történet Kútföi" (ib. 1880; German transl. "Quellen der Ungarischen Gesch." Berlin, 1882); "Regesták a Külföldi Levéltarakból" (Budapest, 1882); "Ujkor Története" (ib. 1883-86); "Magyarorszóg Története H. Jozsef Korában" (ib. 1882-88); "Maria Theresia" (ib. 1891); "A Legujabb Kor Története" (ib. 1892); "Az Arpádok és Dalmáczia" (French transl. under the title "Les Relations de la Dalmatie du XI. au XIII. Siecle," Paris, 1898); the first, second, and eighth volumes of the great history of Hungary published by Szilágyi.

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