Convert to Christianity; born in Suwalki, Poland, Dec. 3, 1820; died in London Feb. 25, 1881. He went to Liverpool, England, in 1837, where he met a convert named Lazarus, and the Rev. H. S. Joseph; the latter baptized Margoliuth in April, 1838. He entered Trinity College, Dublin, Jan., 1840; became curate of St. Augustine, Liverpool, June 30, 1844; and had many ecclesiastical appointments, ultimately becoming vicar of Little Linford, Buckinghamshire (1877-81). He took the degree of Ph.D. at Erlangen in 1857. In 1847 he started a Hebrew-Christian monthly magazine entitled "The Star of Jacob."

Margoliuth wrote the following works, all published in London: "Modern Judaism" (1843); "The History of the Jews of Great Britain" (1857; a work of some merit in the last two volumes); "A Pilgrimage to the Land of My Fathers" (1858); "The Curates of Riverdale" (1860); "The Spirit of Prophecy" (1864); "The Poetry of the Hebrew Pentateuch" (1871). Margoliuth was one of the revisers of the English version of the Old Testament. He wrote also a considerable number of minor works.

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  • M. Margoliuth, Some Triumphs and Trophies of the World (1882);
  • Autobiography prefixed to Modern Judaism.
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