French pianist; born at Paris July 28, 1859. She began to study the pianoforte at the age of four, receiving her first instruction from her father, who for forty years was a violoncello-player in the Conservatoire and Grand Opera orchestras. In 1868 she entered the Conservatoire, where she became a pupil of Henri Herz, in whose class at the age of fifteen she gained the first prize. Upon completing her studies she undertook a series of concert tours through France and Belgium, every-where meeting with a cordial reception. At Brussels she met Sarasate, who, recognizing her great talent, engaged her as soloist and accompanist, in which capacities she accompanied him on his tours through Europe and America, extending even to Mexico and California; she played in all in about 600 concerts. She has composed several "Rhapsodies Espagnoles," and has arranged Sarasate's Spanish dances for the piano.

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