MEINEK, MOSES SÄKEL (called also Moses Isaac ben Baruch of Redwitz):

German scholar and editor; lived at Offenbach at the beginning of the eighteenth century. He published in 1715, under his own name, Naphtali Pappenheim's "Teutsche Apothek," and in 1717 a riddle in Judæo-German verse composed by an anonymous author. This riddle was reproduced, with a German transcription, by Schudt in his "Jædische Merckwürdigkeiten" (iv., continuation iii. 108-109), Schudt referring to Meinek as a printer. In 1722 Meinek edited the anonymous "Siyyumah ha-Parashiyyot meha-Torah," a guide for the reader of the Law. He was probably himself the author.

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