Grammarian of the last third of the thirteenth century. He wrote, under the title "Hassagat ha-Hassagah," a criticism of Ibn Janaḥ's "Kitab al-Mustalḥaḳ." Meïr's work is known, however, only through passages quoted by Profiat Duran ("Ma'aseh Efod," pp. 116, 173). Joseph ibn Kaspi, who knew Meïr b. David personally, quotes, in his supercommentary on Ibn Ezra, an explanation which he heard from Meïr's lips (see Dukes, "Naḥal Ḳedumim," p. 9). Meïr is probably identical with the grammarian R. David, whose note on Job vii. 4 is quoted by Abraham Bedersi in his work on synonyms, "Ḥotam Toknit" (p. 189; comp. Introduction, p. x.).

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