Italian (?) Talmudist and grammarian of the sixteenth century. His family name seems to have been "Meïri"; for he is always mentioned under the name of "Meïr le-Bet Meïr" (= "Meïr of the house of Meïr"). He is called "Ibn Jair" because is written after his name in the manuscript sources; it may, however, be an equivalent of "Meïr" or may mean "May his light continue." Meïr was the author of: "Yaïr Natib," or, according to Nepi-Ghirondi ("Toledot Gedole Yisrael," p. 255), "Meïr Natib" (Sabbionetta, 1553), a treatise on the law concerning the slaughtering of animals, frequently quoted by Ḥayyim Benveniste in his "Keneset ha-Gedolah"; a treatise on the eight conjugations in Hebrew grammar, under the title "Simane kol Shemonah Binyanim" (ib. 1554), a work which was afterward revised by the author and published under the title of "Diḳduḳ" (ib. 1597).

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