Family of Polish scholars of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries coming originally from Moravia.

Jehiel Michael Morawczyk:

Commentator; died in Lublin 1593. He translated into Hebrew a German work known as the "Wiener Gezerah" and published it under the title "Gezerat Oestreich" (Cracow, 1582). Another work of his is entitled "Seder Berakot" (ib. 1582). But his principal publication is a commentary on Abot, compiled from the commentaries of Rashi, Bertinoro, Isaac Abravanel, R. Eliezer ben Nathan, and others. It is called the "Minḥah Ḥadashah" and has been published three times—Lublin, 1576; Cracow, 1576; Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1722.

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Moses ben Aaron Morawczyk:

Pedagogue; lived at the beginning of the seventeenth century. He was schoolmaster at Bisenz, Moravia, for a time, and in 1610 went to Lublin, where he continued teaching. He wrote two books of instruction for both pupil and teacher—"Keẓad Seder Mishnah" and "Keẓad Seder 'Abodah" (Lublin, 1635).

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Moses ben Eliezer Morawczyk:

Darshan; rabbi of Lissa, Poland, where he died in 1705. He had planned the writing of a great work to be called "Mishkan Shiloh," as a sample of which he published a homily on Genesis and Exodus under the title "Bissarti Ẓedeḳ" (Amsterdam, 1686). He never accomplished the desired task, however.

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