MILHAU, JOSEPH BEN MOSES (called also Joseph Moscat):

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French scholar and liturgical poet; lived at Carpentras in the second half of the eighteenth century. He was the author of a work entitled "Oẓerot Yosef" (Leghorn, 1783), a commentary on Rashi's and Elijah Mizraḥi's commentaries on the Pentateuch, and of a poem recited at Avignon at the circumcision ceremony. Zunz ("Z. G." p. 470) says that "Joseph of Milhau of the eighteenth century" composed several liturgical poems; and, indeed, the Maḥzor of Avignon contains other pieces of his. But in Jost's "Annalen," i. 341, Zunz attributes those poems to the Joseph of Milhau who in 1751 was a member of the rabbinical college and who was apparently another person than the subject of this article.

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