German merchant known as a friend of Heine; born 1796; died at Berlin Aug. 15, 1838. He was educated for a business career, and was for a time an assistant of the banker Moses Friedländer in Berlin. Afterward he became the confidential cashier of Moritz Robert there. Moser had considerable mathematical talent; and he also studied philology. With Gans and Zunz he helped to found the Verein für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Judenthums. He thus became friendly with Heine, who had a high opinion of his ability and character, and called him "a living appendix to Nathan der Weise." Many of Heine's most intimate letters were addressed to Moser, who was his closest friend up to the year 1830.

  • G. Karpeles, Heinrich Heine, Aus Seinem Leben und Seiner Zeit, pp. 66 et seq.
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