MOSES BEN YOM-ṬOB (known also as Moses ha-Naḳdan):

English Masorite and grammarian. He is quoted by Moses ben Isaac as his teacher ("Sefer ha-Shoham," ed. Collins, p. 37), and is referred to in the Berlin manuscripts of his work as "Moses ben Yom-Ṭob of London." He wrote "Darke ha-Niḳḳud weha-Neginot," rules of punctuation and accentuation of the Masorah, which was first printed by Jacob ben Ḥayyim in the Bomberg rabbinic Bible, and has been repeated in all subsequent rabbinic Bibles. It was published separately by Hirsch ben Menahem (Wilna, 1822) and by Frensdorff (Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1854), who calls the author "Moses ben Joseph Ḥazzan." It is practicallythe standard work on Hebrew punctuation in the Middle Ages. In it Moses quotes Rashi, Abraham ibn Ezra, and Solomon Parḥon.

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