German genre painter; born at Plesse, Silesia, June 21, 1819; died at Munich in 1865. He studied first at the Academy of Berlin, and afterward (1838) entered the Munich Academy of Arts, where Cornelius became his instructor. From 1847 to 1852 he worked with Kaulbach on the wall-paintings in the vestibule of the Neues Museum in Berlin. Muhr went to Rome in 1853, where he painted a "Mass in the Sistine Chapel" for Bishop Lichnowsky. Thereafter, until 1858, when he settled in Munich, he spent every winter in Rome. Of his paintings the following may be mentioned: "A Siesta of Monks"; "A Monk Playing"; "A Gipsy Family"; "A Struggle with Gipsies"; "Job's Friends"; and "Pifferari."

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