Dayyan at Mattersdorf, Hungary; born Oct. 3, 1836, at Nadas. He received much of his education in his father's (Ḥayyim Müller's) yeshibah, and in 1860 was appointed dayyan of the community of Mattersdorf. He is the author of the following works: "Birkat ha-Miẓwot," laws relating to the benedictions (Vienna, 1871); "Shi'ure Miẓwot," on weights and measures in the Talmud (Presburg, 1880); "Oẓar Agadot," a collection of haggadic passages from the Talmud (in 4 parts, ib. 1876, 1882, 1888; Paks, 1901); "Ma'gele Ẓedeḳ," ethical reflections (Paks, 1896).

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