German physiologist; born at Posen May 20, 1852; died in Berlin Aug. 1, 1900; brother of Hermann Munk. He studied medicine at the universities of Berlin, Breslau, and Strasburg, receiving his diploma in 1873. Establishing himself as a physician in Berlin, he became privat-docent in physiology at the university of that city in 1883, received the title of professor in 1895, in which year he was also appointed department chief in the physiological laboratory, and was elected assistant professor in 1899.

Munk wrote many essays for the medical journals, especially on nutrition, assimilation, resorption, and urinal secretion. From 1897 he was editor of the "Zentralblatt für Physiologie."

Among his works may be mentioned: "Physiologie des Menschen und der Säugethiere," Berlin, 1882 (5th ed. 1899); together with Uffelmann, "Die Ernährung des Gesunden und Kranken Menschen," Vienna and Leipsic, 1887 (3d ed. conjointly with C. A. Ewald, 1895); "Einzelernährung und Massenernährung," in Weyl's "Handbuch der Hygiene," Jena, 1893.

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