English journalist; born in London 1848; died there May 11, 1902. After an early training in the clothing business Myers became in 1868 joint proprietor of "The Jewish Record." He left this in the following year to assist Michael Henry on "The Jewish Chronicle." On Henry's death he became business manager under Dr. Benisch, who took great interest in his training. Benisch, at his death in 1878, left Myers a part-proprietorship of the paper, and the latter became joint owner with Israel Davis and Sydney M. Samuel. From that time onward he was acting editor; and by his business ability, conservative management of the paper, and sound judgment he raised the paper to the foremost rank of Jewish journalism.

Myers was for some time assistant secretary of the board of guardians, and was also treasurer of the Jewish Workingmen's Club, which he helped to found in 1872. He belonged to several of the committees of the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition, 1887, and was for some years treasurer of the Maccabæans. His house was a center of Jewish intellectual life in London.

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