Russian journalist; born in 1849 at Kertch, where his father was rabbi. Notovich studied law at the University of St. Petersburg. During 1873-74 he was publisher and editor of the Russian daily "Novoe Vremya"; after surrendering the editorship he took charge of its feuilleton department and occasionally wrote its leading articles. In 1876 he acquired the "Novosti," a small daily; in his hands this paper acquired great political influence and stanchly defended the Jews against anti-Semitic attacks. The articles written by him in this paper have been published under the title "Osnovy Reform." Notovich edited a Russian translation of Buckle's "History of Civilization in England" (St. Petersburg, 1874) and has written: "Ystoricheskii Ocherk Russkavo Zakonodatelstva o Pechati" (ib. 1873), a review of the Russian censorship and printing regulations; "Nemnozhko Filosofii"; "Yeshcho Nemnozhko Filosofii" (ib. 1886); "Lyubov i Krasota" (ib. 1887), esthetic-philosophic essays; and a number of plays—"Brak i Razvod," "Temnoe Dyelo," "Doch," "Bez Vykhoda," "Syurpriz," "Otverzhenny," several of which were produced at the imperial theaters of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Early in life Notovich became a member of the Greek Church.

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