Italian rabbi of Verona and poet of the eighteenth century. He was a grandson of Hezekiah Mordecai Basan. His three responsa are appended to his grandfather's "Pene Yiẓḥaḳ," which he published in Mantua in 1744. He was also the author of "Yeme Temimim" (Venice, 1753), funeral sermons preached in connection with the obsequies of two rabbis of Verona named Pincherle, with some poetical compositions for the same occasions. A copy of his "Derek Haskel" (ib. 1756), rules and regulations for the establishment of a free school, with a preface, is preserved in the British Museum, with his "Ḥanukkat ha-Bayit" (ib. 1759), on the dedication of a new Spanish synagogue in Verona. He died suddenly in the synagogue of Verona on a Friday evening while chanting "Lekah Dodi."

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