Russian town in the government of Volhynia. It has a total population of 16,873, of whom about 9,000 are Jews (1897). The latter are prominent in the commercial affairs of the town, being largely engaged in the export trade. The most important articles of export are butter (valued at 100,000 rubles yearly), skins, eggs, and furniture. The Jews carry on also an important trade in salt and dried fish with Astrakhan and Tzaritzyn. In 1899 there were in Novgorod-Volhynsk 102 Jewish merchants, 412 petty traders, about 1,000 agents and pedlers, 1,158 artisans, 116 day-laborers, and l57 factory employees. The Talmud Torah affords instruction to 130 pupils, and 120 Jewish children attend the city school, which has a total of 420 pupils. The charitable institutions include a Jewish hospital, a dispensary, etc. According to the handbook of the government of Volhynia for 1904, Novgorod-Volhynsk has one synagogue and twenty-two houses of prayer.

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