Son of Antiochus. Together with Antipater, son of Jason, he was sent to Sparta and Rome, first by Jonathan Maccabeus (I Macc. xii. 16; Josephus, "Ant." xiii. 5, § 8), and then by Simon (I Macc. xv. 15-24), returning with decrees the text of which is still preserved. A similar senatus consultum, likewise obtained by Numenius, is dated by Josephus (l.c. xiv. 8, § 5) under Hyrcanus II.; it doubtless refers to the same events. The historical accuracy of these accounts and the authenticity of the pro-Jewish decrees depend upon the value assigned to the original documents quoted by Josephus.

It is important to note that in 139 B.C., when Numenius went on his second journey to Rome, a Jewish propaganda was, according to Valerius Maximus (i. 3, § 2), begun in that city, for Jewish proselytizers were expelled from Rome at that time.

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