Jamaican magistrate; born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Dec. 12, 1820; died at Falmouth, Jamaica, Jan. 31, 1889. Originally destined for the medical profession, he studied under Doctors Spence and Gordon for three years. He then spent some time in England completing his education, and finally, on returning to his nativeisland, embarked on a commercial career. Nunes entered vigorously into the political life of Jamaica, and took a very active part in the cause of retrenchment. In 1850 he started a paper called the "Political Eagle," which subsequently became known as the "County Union." Soon afterward Nunes left Montego Bay for Falmouth, where he became partner in the firm of D. N. Wetzlar & Co., agents of the Colonial Bank. In 1863 he was elected representative of the parish of Trelawny in the House of Assembly, and in 1864 was appointed custos of the parish. In 1876 he resigned the custosship, and in 1885, having declined reappointment to that office, became senior resident magistrate of the parishes of Trelawny and Hanover, which position he retained till his death.

Nunes filled several other appointments in his parish, e.g., those of consular agent of the United States, vice-consul for Spain, and vice-consul for Norway and Sweden.

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