Russian novelist; born at Yampol, government of Podolia, 1831. At the age of twenty-one he went to Rumania, where he published (1870) his first novel in Hebrew—" Bet Ya'aḳob o Dim'at 'Ashuḳim." He subsequently published the following novels in Judæo-German: "Arba'ah Abot Neziḳin"; "Das Schlechte Kind"; "'Eẓ ha-Da'at"; "Ḥezyon Yisrael," or "Ḥibbut ha-Keber"; "Die Geheimnisse der Jassyer Gemeinde"; and "Die Genarrte Welt."

  • N. Sokolow, Sefer Zikkaron, p. 6, Warsaw, 1888.
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