Austrian rabbinic scholar; died at Lemberg Oct. 28, 1837; son of Jacob Meshullam Ornstein, rabbi of that city, by whom he was instructed in Talmudic and rabbinical literature. At an early age he showed remarkable capacity, and several of his responsa are scattered through his father's "Yeshu'ot Ya'aḳob." The success he thus attained with so little exertion, as well as the early recognition he received, increased his self-esteem to such an extent that he manifested it in his general behavior as well as in the fact that he sought only very important rabbinical positions. One effect of his pride was that for a long time he declined to accept any call as rabbi. Finally Przemysl, the third largest city of Galicia, offered him its rabbinate, and he accepted the invitation; but he died before he could enter upon his new duties.

  • Buber, Anshe Shem, p. 151.
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