German rabbi; born at Weimarsschmieden in 1798; died at Hochstädt Aug., 1878; son of the "Cultusbeamte" Naphtali Ottensoser of Weimarsschmieden, with whom he went in early youth to Kleinabstadt. Beginning life as a pedler, Lazarus was subsequently called as teacher to the community of Scheinfeld. In 1821 he was called as "moreh ẓedeḳ" to Aub, and in 1828 to Hochstädt. In 1861 the Bavarian government officially sanctioned the Talmud Torah which he had established.

  • N. Eschwege, Leben und Wirken des Rabbiners Lazarus Ottensoser, Gründer der Talmud Torah (Praeparanden) Schule in Hochstädt (n.d.).
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