German writer; born at Dembiohammer 1773; died at Ratibor Aug. 6, 1840. He at first supported himself as a private tutor, and then he obtained in Ratibor a position as manager in a pottery. Pappenheim meanwhile pursued his literary studies with such zeal that he became "house-poet" ("Hausdichter") on the "Allgemeiner Oberschlesischer Anzeiger" established in Ratibor in 1802; and when Baron von Reiswitz retired from its editorship (1811) Pappenheim succeeded him. He published in his paper poetical contributions of a distinctly patriotic character. After 1816 he published the "Anzeiger" at his own expense and continued to edit it until his death.

  • Riedinger, Hundert Jahre Oberschlesischer Anzeiger, Ratibor, 1902.
S. A. Lew.
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