PARTRIDGE ("ḳore"):

This bird is mentioned only in I Sam. xxvi. 20 (LXX., νυκτικόραξ = "kos" = "owl") and Jer. xvii. 11.

The most common partridge in Palestine is the Caccabis chukar; around the Dead Sea and in the Jordan valley the Ammoperdix heyi is abundant; while in the lowland and plains the Francolinus vulgaris is met with.

In Ḥul. 138b, 140b "ḳore" is explained by Rashi (probably mistaking it for the cuckoo) as denoting a bird which is in the habit of sitting upon the eggs of others. In Yoma 75b "pisyon" is enumerated among the kinds of quail. Crossing it with either the cock or peacock is forbidden (B. Ḳ. 55a).

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