• 1. Son of Immer the priest. He attacked Jeremiah on account of his prophecies of calamity and put him in the stocks, for which Jeremiah predicted Pashur's captivity and death in Babylon (Jer. xx. 1-3).
  • 2. Son of Melchiah. He was sent by King Zedekiah to Jeremiah to inquire regarding the result of the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar (Jer. xxi. 1). He was also chief governor of the Temple, and caused the imprisonment of Jeremiah in punishment for a prophecy advising the people to submit to the Chaldeans (Jer. xxxviii. 1-13). His grandson Adaiah is mentioned as one of those priests who, after their return, took strange wives (I Chron. ix. 12), and as one who was active at the construction of the Second Temple (Neh. xi. 12).
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