ALḤADIB (Alchadib, , "Jew. Quart. Rev." x. 530 = hunchback):W

Name of a family of which representatives are known from the beginning of the fourteenth to the end of the seventeenth century. The following list includes the more important members:

Abraham ben Solomon Alḥadib: Judge in Corfu in 1530.

Eliakim Alḥadib: Lived in Lepanto, seventeenth century.

Ezra ben Solomon Alḥadib: Venice, 1607. Samuel Aboab addressed a letter to him in 1647.

Ḥayyim Alḥadib: In the seventeenth century, who, according to Sambari's "Chronicle" (Neubauer, "Mediæval Jewish Chronicles," i. 140), composed an index "MeḲor Ḥayyim" to the Scripture passages found in homiletic works.

Isaac Alḥadib: Lived in the seventeenth century, in Cairo; mentioned by Sambari (l.c., p. 162, two lines from bottom of page).

Isaac ben Solomon ben ẒaddiḲ Alḥadib: An astronomer of note, in Castile (1370), in Sicily (1396-1429 ?), a pupil of Judah ben Asher and follower of Samuel Ẓarẓa. He composed a work on chronology called "Oraḥ Selulah" (Plain Way), in which he follows Al-Rakkam, the authority for astronomers in Tunis. He adds four tables taken from Al-Battani and one from Al-Kammad. According to a manuscript in private hands, he wrote also (Letter on Desirable Instruments), in which he speaks of the instruments which he had invented in Sicily. According to Steinschneider, this is not the same ashis work (Planimetrical Instruments). He wrote also a treatise on theological terminology. According to Buxtorf, he was the author of "Leshon ha-Zahab" (Golden Tongue) on the weights and measures mentioned in the Bible. Finally, he is the author of a hymn on Esther—giving his own full name in acrostic—as well as of an addition to the poem with which Moses Handali opened his commentary on the Hebrew translation of Al-Fergani's astronomy. (See Steinschneider, "Munich Catalogue," p. 92; 2d ed., p. 256; "Hebr. Uebers." pp. 550, 556; "Hebr. Bibl." vii. 112; Zunz, "Z. G." p. 536.)

Jacob ben Moses Alḥadib: Lived in 1442; the writer of "Codex de Rossi, No. 950."

Johanan Alḥadib: Lived in the sixteenth century.

Judah Alḥadib: Lived in 1566, in Lepanto.

Menahem Alḥadib: Lived in the first half of the sixteenth century, in Arta.

Menahem ben Samuel Alḥadib: Lived in the sixteenth century, in Safed.

Moses ben Isaac Alḥadib: Lived in 1560; judge at Patros.

Samuel Alḥadib: Lived in the beginning of the fourteenth century.

Samuel Alḥadib: Lived in the second half of the sixteenth century, in Safed.

Solomon ben Menahem Alḥadib: Lived in 1543, in Venice.

Solomon ben Samuel Alḥadib: Died of the plague while still young, in 1349.

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