Polish commentator on the Bible; lived at Polotsk, Poland, in the eighteenth century. He wrote commentaries on four books of the Old Testament, as follows: "Shebeṭ mi-Yehudah" (Wilna, 1803), on Proverbs; "Derek ha-Melek" (Grodno, 1804), on Canticles; a commentary on Ecclesiastes (ib. 1804); and "Gibe'at Pineḥas" (Wilna, 1808), on the Book of Job. Other works by him are: an extract, which he entitled "Ḳiẓẓur Eben Boḥan" (ib. 1799), from the great work of Kalonymus b. Kalonymus; "Rosh ha-Gibe'ah" (ib. 1820), in two sections, the first treatingof morals and asceticism, and the second containing sermons on the Four Parashiyyot; and "Maggid Ẓedeḳ," on the 613 commandments, which work is still unpublished.

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