Austrian naval constructor; born at Prague 1848. Educated at the polytechnic high schools of Prague and Carlsruhe, he worked for two years in machine-shops and then entered (1869) the Austrian navy as assistant constructor. In 1902 he was appointed director of naval construction. In 1904 he was made naval constructor-general with the rank of rear-admiral.

Popper has supervised the building of several Austrian men-of-war, among them the cruisers "Panther," "Leopard," "Tiger," the armored cruisers "Maria Theresia," "Kaiser Karl VI.," "St. Georg," and the armored battleships "Vienna," "Monarch," "Budapest," "Habsburg," "Arpad," "Babenberg," "Erzherzog Karl," and "Erzherzog Friedrich." The nine last named were built after his designs.

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