American Orientalist; born at St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 29, 1874; educated at the public schools of Brooklyn, N. Y., the College of the City of New York, Columbia College (A.B. 1896), and Columbia University (A.M. 1897; Ph.D. 1899). In 1899 he went abroad and took postgraduate courses at the universities of Berlin, Strasburg, and Paris. The year 1901-2 he spent in traveling through Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Hauran, the north Syrian desert, and Mesopotamia.

Returning in 1902 to New York city, Popper became connected with The Jewish Encyclopedia as associate revising editor and chief of the bureau of translation. In 1903, and again in 1904, he was appointed Gustav Gottheil lecturer in Semitic languages at Columbia University.

Popper is the author of "The Censorship of Hebrew Books" (New York, 1899).

A. F. T. H.
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