Hungarian authoress; born at Raab, Hungary, May 11, 1857; educated in her native town. She commenced to write at an early age. Besides contributing numerous essays to the German periodicals, she has published the following volumes of stories and sketches: "Märchen und Geschichten," Leipsic, 1891; "Altmodische Leute," Dresden and Leipsic, 1894; "Miniaturen," ib. 1897; "Neue Märchen und Geschichten," ib. 1898; "Sonderlinge," ib. 1899; "Nieten," ib. 1900; "Gegen den Strom," ib. 1902; "Die Fahne Hoch," ib. 1902; "Fratres Sumus," ib. 1903; "Fünfe aus Einer Hülse," Vienna, 1905.

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