English traveler, artist, and journalist; born in London about 1858; educated at University College (London), at Brussels, and at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. He was war correspondent to the "Illustrated London News" during the Bechuanaland expedition (1884). Subsequently he joined an exploring expedition for the opening up of the Nordenskiöld route to the interior of Siberia, and afterward traversed Siberia, Mongolia, and the Godi desert unaccompanied,making his way through to Peking in 1890-1891. He was with the Greek army during the Greco-Turkish war, and has traversed western Australia, the Klondike, and other remote regions. He is the author of several books of travel, including "From the Arctic Ocean to the Yellow Sea" (London, 1892) and "The Land of Gold" (ib. 1895), all illustrated by himself. He has exhibited at the Paris Salon and the London Royal Academy.

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