A usurper who ascended the throne of Babylonia in 745 B.C. and reigned until 737; identical with Tiglath-pileser III. He appears in the list of kings as "Pulu," but his identity with Tiglathpileser, first suggested by Rawlinson ("Athenæum," Aug. 22, 1863), was six years later independently established by Lepsius. On his accession Pulrestored peace in Babylonia. In 738 he conquered Kullani, apparently the Biblical Calno (Isa. x. 9). Tribute was levied also on Syria as far south as Samaria. In his inscriptions Minaḥimu (= Menahem of Samaria) is mentioned, probably identical with the one mentioned in II Kings xv. 19. Tiglathpileser speaks of himself as King of Assyria, of Sumer, and of Accad.

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E. G. H. S. Fu.
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