Russian author; born Aug. 14, 1845, at Odessa. His first literary efforts appeared in "Ha-Ḳol," and he soon became a frequent contributor to Hebrew journals. In 1887 he published, in conjunction with Krankenfeld, "Der Jüdische Wecker," in which appeared his article "Der Pintele Jud"; from 1892 to 1896 he edited "Ha-Pardes" (Odessa). He wrote: "Peninim mi-Yam ha-Talmud" (Odessa, 1892); "'Aseret Kesef," a novel of Jewish life (in "Keneset Yisrael," iii. 1888); and "Safah Berurah," an essay on Neo-Hebrew (in "Kawweret," 1890). Under the title of "Ha-Abib" (Warsaw, 1889) he published a collection of Hebrew poems for children.

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