Danish pianist and author; born in Aarhuus, Jutland, Oct. 5, 1820; died in Copenhagen Dec. 20, 1886. He studied in Hamburg under Jacques Smitt and Karl Krebs, in Vienna under Halm, and in Paris. In 1842 he settled in Copenhagen, where he soon gathered a great number of pupils around him and where his superior technique won him a place among the foremost pianists of the day. In 1866, when the Copenhagen Conservatory of Music was established, he became one of its first teachers. Anton Ree composed some pieces for pianoforte, and was the author of several articles in Danish and German musical periodicals. He wrote also a valuable work on the piano entitled "Bidragtil Klaverspillets Teknik" (Copenhagen, 1892), andan essay on the general history of music entitled "Musikhistoriske Momenter" (ib. 1893).

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