Hungarian deputy; born at Eperies in 1860; educated at the universities of Budapest and Leipsic. In 1880 he entered the publishing-house which his father had founded in 1869 under the firm name of Révai Brothers; and since that time he has rendered great service to popular education in Hungary. From 1880 to 1885 he edited the periodical "Regényvilág" (World of Romance); and it was largely through his efforts that "Die Oesterreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie in Wort und Bild" was published in 1885 under the patronage of the crown prince Rudolph. Révai introduced book-canvassing into Hungary, and was instrumental in securing 20,000 subscribers to the great Hungarian "Pallas Nagy Lexicon." An edition of the collected works of Moritz Jókai in 100 volumes, one of the finest products of his press, gained the "Grand Prix" at the Paris Exposition of 1900. In 1901 Révai was returned to the Hungarian Parliament by the district of Szék.

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  • Sturm, Országgyülési Almanach, 1901-6.
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