German controversial writer; born at Forscheim, near Bamberg; died at Königsberg 1652. It is stated that he was born a Jew, became converted to Roman Catholicism, then became a Calvinist, and lastly joined the Lutheran Church. He became professor of Oriental languages at Königsberg, and issued a number of translations of Hebrew works: one of the "Sefer Yeẓirah," 1642; one of the Passover Haggadah, 1644, published also in his "Libra Veritatis" (Franeker, 1698); and one of the earliest translations of Jewish prayers, under the title "Hochfeyerliche Sollennitaeten, Gebethe und Collecten Anstatt der Opfer, Nebst Andern Ceremonien so von der Jüdischen Kirchen am Ersten Neuen-Jahrs-Tag Gebetet und Abgehandelt Werden Müssen," Königsberg, 1652. His posthumous work "Bilibra Veritatis" was written to substantiate the claim that the Targums prove the doctrine of the Trinity. This is also the subject of his "Veritas Religionis Christianæ" (Franeker, 1699).

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