French scholar; a native of Roquemartine; flourished in the fourteenth century. He was the author of "Zekut Adam," giving an allegorical interpretation of the Biblical narrative of the sin of Adam, which, according to the author, is not to be understood literally. A part of this work, which is still extant in manuscript (Neubauer, "Gat. Bodl. Hebr. MSS." No. 2232, 2c, Günzburg collection), was published in "Yen Lebanon" (Paris, 1866) by Jehiel Brill, with notes by Senior Sachs, who shows that the "Zekut Adam" was used by Isaac Abravanel in his commentary. Roquemartine was the author of two other works which also are extant in manuscript: (1) a commentary on Isa. liii., and (2) a commentary on Hag. ii. (Neubauer, l.c. No. 2232, 2a, b).

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E. C. I. Br.
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