Austrian barrister; born March 20, 1853, at Cracow, Galicia, in which city he received his education, graduating from the university in 1876. After having passed his state examination in 1880, he settled in his native city as a counselor at law. In 1877 he became lecturer in jurisprudence at the university; in 1884, assistant professor of that subject; and in 1893, professor. He is also a member of the board of examiners in jurisprudence.

Rosenblatt has taken an active part in Jewish affairs, having been president of the Cracow community and of the Austrian branch of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, and a member of the Baron Hirsch Fund for Galicia. He is also an alderman of the city of Cracow.

He is the author of: "O Udziale w Przestepstwie," Warsaw, 1874; "Ueber Strafenconcurrenz," Teschen, 1877; "Ueber Hexenprocesse in Polen," Warsaw, 1882; "Wyklad Procesu Karnego," Cracow, 1883, a handbook of procedure in criminal cases; and "Ueber die Revision im Strafprocesse," Cracow, 1903.

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