Danish composer; born in Copenhagen July 21, 1849. He was originally destined for a mercantile career, and spent six years in a counting-house; but his love for music manifested itself so markedly that his father allowed him to follow his natural bent. He studied at the Copenhagen Conservatory of Music for three years (1872 to 1875), where he devoted himself especially to composition. In 1881 he obtained a scholarship which enabled him to travel abroad; and in 1889 he received the title of professor.

Rosenfeld has composed many pieces for the piano, and more than thirty booklets of songs with Danish and German texts. Of his compositions for orchestra "Henrik og Else" (Copenhagen, 1885) was received with great favor. He has written an aid to instruction in singing, entitled "Om Textsang" (ib. 1887), and has contributed a number of articles to Danish, German, and English musical journals.

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