German author; born at Berlin Oct. 14, 1840; died at Stuttgart April 7, 1897. After having studied natural science at the universities of Berlin and Paris, he traveled through the south of Europe, the United States of America, and Japan. He went to Switzerland in 1871, but removed in the following year to Stuttgart and collaborated on "Ueber Land und Meer." In 1889 he was appointed editor of "Vom Fels zum Meer," and retired in 1894.

Rosenthal-Bonin was a prolific writer. Of his works may be mentioned: "Der Heiratsdamm und Anderes," Stuttgart, 1876; and "Unterirdisch Feuer," Leipsic, 1879 (both of these collections of short stories have been translated into many European languages); "Der Bernsteinsucher," Leipsic, 1880; "Der Diamant-Schleifer," Stuttgart, 1881; "Das Gold des Orion," ib. 1882; "Die Tierbändigerin," ib. 1884; "Das Haus mit den Zwei Eingängen," ib. 1886; "Die Tochter des Kapitäns," ib. 1888; "Der Student von Salamanca," ib. 1891; "Erzählungen des Schiffsarztes," ib. 1892.

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