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From 1551 to 1559 the printer Tobias ben Eliezer Foa produced several Hebrew works beginning with Joseph Shaliṭ's "Merkabat ha-Mishnah." (1551) and finishing with an edition of the Ḥoshen Mishpaṭ of the ṭur (1559). He began also a maḥzor there in 1556 and finished it in Cremona, whither he moved in 1560; part of his Mishnah, begun in Sabbionetta in 1559, was finished in Mantua in 1563. His career as printer was forcibly ended at Sabbionetta because he had published certain anti-Christian books. His work and possibly his type were taken up by a Christian printer, Vicenzo Conte, who moved from Cremona to Sabbionetta in 1567, and who there produced an edition of the Pirḳe R. Eliezer.

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