American physician; born at Baltimore Jan. 2, 1858; educated at Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass., and at the universities of London, Berlin, Vienna, and Strasburg (M.D. 1882). In 1884 he settled in New York city, where since 1888 he has been a specialist in nervous diseases. In 1889 he became professor of neurology at the New York Polyclinic. He belongs to the staffs of the Montefiore Home and the Mount Sinai Hospital also. Sachs is the author of: "Cerebrale Lähmungen der Kinder," 1890 (also in English, "Epilepsy," 1892); "Amaurotische Familiale Idiotie," 1895; "Lehrbuch der Nervenkrankheiten," 1897 (also translated into English).

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