Samaritan physician and philosopher; died near Damascus 1223. He was the court physician of Al-Malik al-'Adil, the Ayyubid prince, who ruled at Damascus. Ṣadaḳah was the author of: "Sharh Fuṣul Buḳraṭ" a commentary on Hippocrates; "Kitab fi al-Nafs wal-Ruḥ," on the soul and spirit; "Al-Kunz fi al-Fauz," on the unity of God; "Kitab al-I'tiḳad," on dogmatics. In addition to these works, which, according to Ibn Abi Uṣaibiah and Hajji Khalfa, are still extant in manuscript, Ṣadaḳah is said to have composed commentaries on the Pentateuch.

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