American journalist; born in Paiser, Russian Poland, 1835; died at New York city Jan. 12, 1905. He studied at home and prepared himself for the rabbinate; but in 1866 he abandoned this intention and emigrated to the United States. In 1874 he founded in New York city, where he had settled, the "Jewish Weekly," and the "Jewish Gazette," and in 1886 the "Jewish Daily News." When he began the publication of his journals there existed no other Jewish paper printed in Hebrew in the United States, and he had great difficulty in obtaining the necessary type.

In 1882 Sarasohn founded the Hebrew Sheltering House, now known as the Hebrew Shelter House and Home for the Aged. In 1901 he visited Palestine, and on his return was elected president of the committee for the collection of funds for the support of poor Hebrews in Palestine. He was also chairman of the committee for the Kishinef sufferers.

  • New York papers of Jan. 13 and 14, 1905;
  • The Jewish Daily News (New York), Jan. 15, 1905.
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