Russian Hebraist and poet; born in Lasezow, government of Lublin, about 1810; died after 1866. He lived successively in Josefov, Brody, Szebrszyn, and Warsaw, and was one of the best-known of the early Maskilim of Russian Poland. He wrote: "Ḥaẓerot ha-Shir," an epic poem on the life of the patriarch Jacob (Warsaw, 1840); "Maṭṭa' Leshem," a treatise on agriculture and life in the country (ib. 1843); "Debar Geburot," a biography of Prince Paskewitsch (ib. 1845); "Toledot Napoleon," in two parts (ib. 1849 and 1857); "Mahlekim 'im Anashim," a translation of Knigge's "Umgang mit Menschen" (ib. 1866).

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H. R. P. Wi.
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