Russian chess master; born of German parents at St. Petersburg May 4, 1850; died there Dec. 12, 1904. He was educated at the gymnasium of his native city, studying in the classical, physical, and mathematical faculties. In 1871 he became a private tutor.

Schiffers began to play chess when about fifteen, and within five years had made such progress that he defeated Tochoumoff and others of equal standing. He continued to advance until he became the leading player in Russia. In 1873 he first played with Tchigorin, to whom he then gave the odds of a knight. During the following seven years the pupil came to play a stronger game than his teacher, and in 1880 Schiffers lost the championship of Russia to Tchigorin. He has won matches against Alapin, Chardin, and Mitropolsky; and at the International Tournament held at Hastings, England, in 1895, at which twenty-two masters competed, Schiffers gained sixth prize.

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