French journalist; born at Saint-Mandé (Seine) Aug. 7, 1857. He studied at the Lycée Condorcet, and, after receiving his dipoma as "licencié en droit" from the faculty of Paris, entered his father's printing establishment. At the same time he contributed to various papers, especially to the legal journal "L'Audience." In 1879 he was chosen general secretary of the editorialboard of "Le Temps," one of the leading evening papers of Paris.

Schiller is the principal founder of "Le Petit Temps," which consists of extras issued hourly after the appearance of "Le Temps." He is a professor, also member of the executive committee, of the Ecole du Journalisme, and one of the founders and the president of the Association des Secrétaires de Rédaction des Journaux et de Revues Français. In 1897 he was elected syndic of the Association Professionelle des Journalistes Républicains Français.

Schiller was made a chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 1892.

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